Q. How Quickly can you get started on my project?
A. In most cases I require a signed contract and 50% of my cost up front. The later being paid upon the completion of the project. Once this is done, we can begin working on the concept of your project. The amount of time between this and you seeing a rough draft of the work will depend mostly on your ability to communicate with me any ideas and or imagery you have and responding to any ideas I have.

Q. What If I Am Not Happy with the finished product?
A. If your not happy, then it’s not finished. I haven't had an unhappy customer yet, but if for some reason you decide to abandon the project because of time restraints or you just don't feel like I can do the work you want, then we stop production on it and both go our separate ways. You are entitled to the work that has been done so far, but if your not happy with the work I wouldn't expect you to want to keep it. Also the 50% up front will not be returned unless you cancel the contract before I show you your first draft of designs.